Transportation - a task to move cargo from point A to point B compliance with its safety and on time.


Commercial work

Our task - talk to the customers all the nuances and conditions that may arise from the nature of the requested services


Customs clearance

for traders we offer customs organization



Our logistics company offers its customers with all kinds of storage services


Who are we

On these pages you will not find news line or light of some business performances. Because of we met here in order to take on your some problems what concerns moving of your goods and raw. And if our personnel will look so tedious and meticulous, this is just our staff in conversation with you in mind already prepares a few alternative transport solutions, analyzing advantages and disadvantages of each. It’s possible in second conversation our staff will look a bit of pensive, but it due to our employee already embeds working rhythms of your supplies into timetable of our office. After a few deliveries will be done you will make sure all was that way.

Our company was founded June 2011 by experts from transport logistics sphere. Since then the oil prices falled, hard currency rates grew, sanctions were implemented repeatedly… we increased our staff and raised finance indicators.

Today as in 2011-th a core of our company still consists of experienced specialists. Juniors are passing a school of “survival”.

Our quality standards in Saint Petersburg as well as in Novorossiysk:

In staging of our business processes - «no hurry - to be just in time»

In personnel policy - «better will be less but better»

Service quality it is low nominated cost but secondly and non extra-charges firstly

All costs must be agreed in advance as nominated as probable

Track your shipments

Our services


Sphere of our activities covers the folowing transport modes:

-sea / short-sea,

-auto road,


Multimodal carriages have a benefit by criterion “cost-quality”.

Customs formalities

For holders of international contracts we are ready to offer arranging of customs operations. It may be offered on boundary customs offices (Baltic, Vyborg, Smolensk, Pskov Customs) and on a number of regional customs offices.


Tasks what are set for our commercial department consist of following:

-to specify all details and specifics of logistics task which can appears in process of executing.

-to discuss all risks of extra-charges and reasons of its appearing

-and all this must be done before agreement obligations will become valid. Purpose of commercial department – to win the order.


Need to involve warehouse into the supply chances appears often. Main reason this is impossibility to arrange delivery just in time by subordinating to this purpose of all participants of goods delivery. Another reason may be need of repair of tare, marking, stickers et cetera.

Who are our clients?

Our services are directed to business but the ussual citizens can be our clients also.

All who faces a problem of transportation of cargoes and meets tasks connected with it are our potential customers.

Such connected tasks may become:

  • Customs formalities,
  • Passing of inspection for cargoes being subject of surveillance of state organs of executive power (Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance, Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing),
  • Arranging of warehouse stocks with further deliveries to places of consuming

Our team

Sergey Kolosov

operations coordinator

Vladimir Kirillov

operations manager

Maxim Khrabrov

commerce, managing of distributive logistics

Ivan Aponasenko

delivery manager

Igor’ Ivanov

commerce, procurement service

Tatyana Artamonova

chief accountant

Galina Gorbacheva

warehouse operator

Maxim Peshko

warehouse representative

Vasily Karetin

linear delivery manager

Santa Demidova

commerce, client service

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